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20th Century American Fiction 1945-Present Dartmouth A study of significant fiction in America since the middle of the 20th century, including Bellow,... read more
A History of Criminology Dartmouth The history of criminology through a study of the theorists who comprise the field's three dominant... read more
Abnormal Psychology Amherst Various forms of psychopathology, including anxiety, stress, affective, addictive, developmental,... read more
Abnormal Psychology Lowell N/A
Accounting For Decision Making Dartmouth Interpretation of corporate financial reporting by external users of financial statements. Students... read more
Accounting for Managers Boston Instructs students in the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting. The financial... read more
Accounting Information for Management Decisions Lowell N/A
Accounting Information for Management Decisions Lowell N/A
Accounting Information Systems Dartmouth A study of the design and implementation of successful accounting systems. Significant attention is... read more
Accounting Information Systems Amherst Examines representing, capturing, and reporting of information about events relevant to the... read more
Accounting Information Systems Lowell N/A
Accounting/Financial Lowell N/A
Accounting/Financial Lowell N/A
Accounting/Managerial Lowell N/A
Action Research for Educational, Professional & Personal change Boston This course covers techniques for and critical thinking about the evaluation of changes in... read more
Administration of Justice Lowell N/A
Adult Development and Aging Lowell N/A
Advanced Auditing Lowell N/A
Advanced Corporate Finance Amherst Short-, intermediate-, and long-term financing; planning, budgeting, and investment.
Advanced Financial Accounting Amherst This course will provide a conceptual framework for accounting for the combination of firms into a... read more
Advanced Graphic Design Lowell N/A
Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning Amherst Classroom and laboratory practice and case-based approaches to health assessment and differential... read more
Advanced Health Assessment Practicum Boston This course focuses on the development of advanced practice nursing knowledge and skills in health... read more
Advanced Java Programming Lowell N/A
Advanced Managerial Accounting Dartmouth Advanced concepts and methods of the flow of accounting information through the organization. The... read more


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